Fixture scheduling

Players are expected to mutually agree the scheduling of fixtures. Ultimately though, it is the responsibility of the 'Home' player to instigate the connection and start the game.

Tournament Format

Round Robin Groups

Knockout stages


See PS4 or Xbox menu for timelines.

General Gameplay

Teams to choose: Any National or League team (no FUT or All star teams such as Adidas All Stars)

Game Mode: Head to Head, 1 on 1 (not FUT)

Game Duration: 12 mins (6 mins per half)

Game Speed: Normal

Squads: Standard online squads

Group Stage Gameplay

In the event of a draw: No extra time or penalties - draw result is posted

Knockout fixtures

In the event of a draw: Fixtures should be concluded using first extra time and then penalties

Reporting Results

Both players should report results using the relevant page on this site. Players should take screenshots of the result incuding gamer ids. These screenshots however will only be required in the event of a disute (ie players post different results)

Rage Quits - Group Games

In the event that a player 'rage quits' (that is, intentionally abandons a match which they clearly won't win), they will lose the match 10-0. This is only necessary for group games, since there is value in the goal difference.

Connectivity issues

If disconnection occurs during a match, players are expected to try to mutually resolve the issue. In the event, that foulplay is suspected, players should take screenshots evidencing their disconnection scenario. Any disputes should be raised by email, and will be resolved by the Administrator, whose decision is final.